Monday, January 16, 2006

Weight Problem

Today was our monthly Synagis (RSV) shot and to my dismay, neither one of them has gained any weight since their last visit. We spoke to the Pulmonologist Nutritionist who said that giving them healthy vegetables is working against us right now since they are so low in calories. She recommends that I put vegetable oil in their baby food and Polycose (a powder made mostly of cornstarch)in their Pediasure. She even said give them french fries if they will eat them! Oh the horror (I said I would never give my infants fast food)!!
Since they are eating so little and since I am going to try and get them to sleep through the night I am torn about what to do. Tonight starts "Hell Week" where I plan to stop feeding them at night, first few days taking away the 4 AM feed and then taking away the midnight feed. They get water, hugs, and singing but no Pediasure. Hopefully the first thing that changes is that they will eat more than an ounce or two in the mornings. Wish us all luck, I am not looking forward to this...

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