Thursday, January 19, 2006

Almost there... Hurray!

Last night was even better than yesterday, at this rate they may be sleeping through the night by next week! *knock on wood* I tried to let Cyrus cry it out this morning, but could only take ten minutes or so if his crying. (I know I was weak, but it was so sad!) I held Cyrus for maybe two minutes and he was asleep again. Excellent! So I went back to bed and they did not wake up until 9:00 AM, AGAIN! Collin slept through the night (wonderful, thank you Collin!), and I am getting so excited that this may be the end of my sleep deprived insanity (Of course something else will cause me to go insane, but at least it won't be the lack of sleep.) And get this, after feeding the boys at 12:30 AM I got into bed by 1:00 AM and was so excited to be in bed that I could not go to sleep! What is up with that? LOL

Poor Collin is getting sick. His cold has progressed to a mild fever at night and a runny nose like a faucet. I have been suctioning him every few hours to help keep him as clear as possible. He is on a decongestant and antihistamine, but it does not seem to be helping. It has been great for Cyrus however. *shrugs* I am hoping he gets better over the next few days so I do not have to take him to the doctor. They will probably say he just has a virus anyway, and send us on our way.

Just wanted to share this adorable pic of Cyrus. He was begging for Cheerios.

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