Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First Down...

Ok, so I don't know jack about football, but my first night of trying to get the boys to sleep through the night is over. I gave them their midnight feed and Cyrus woke up at 4:15 AM to eat, or at least so he thought. I offered him some water, which of course he refused, and then I held him a few minutes before laying him back down. He went back to sleep and then went through the same process with Collin about a half hour later. That happened a few more times until 6:30 AM or so, when I let them cry a while. Collin went back to sleep on his own and I had to go hold Cyrus a bit before he fell asleep. They slept until just after 8:30 AM where they ate four ounces for breakfast! I think that is the most they have ever had so early in the day. They even took another three ounces before going down for their nap at noon. Wow! :)

It was not as bad as it could have been, and overall I was pretty happy with how the night went. My mother has counseled me that getting them to sleep through the night means eight hours without eating, so last night was perfect in that respect and great for my sleeping schedule. So tonight will be a repeat of last night, hopefully with less resistance from the boys.

Check this out... Collin pulled himself up on his own today!

Yea Collin! I am so proud of him!! He wanted the board books on the coffee table.

After their bath, the boys were playing in the nursery before getting ready for bed.
They like the Tiger puppet that sings "London Bridge."


HHH said...

GO COLLIN!! The boys look so much a like that picture.... Yes, i know their twins but still... i havent thought they looked that much alike before!

Sadye Spirit said...

Yeah, I think so too. Normally it is very easy to tell them apart, but not in this picture! :)