Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Time for an Update

The boys are getting better, I spilled some amoxicillin the other day and had to wait almost two days before the pediatrician's office would fill it. But they are sleeping beautifully!! Yea!! Sing praises for sleep! As long as I feed them around 1 AM then I can sleep until 9 AM. That is almost eight hours of sleep, people! Holy Cow! Last night Cyrus slept through his 1 AM feeding and then was up at 5 AM screaming with hunger, which woke up Collin who decided that was time to play. *sigh* They were a little off their schedule today.

But the good news is that they are eating a little better during the day, not quite making up for losing that 4:30 AM feeding, but getting there. I realised the other day that I still feed them every three to four hours when they are awake. I am trying to put them on a more strict schedule; up at 9 AM with a bottle for breakfast, nap time starts at noon (ideally til lunch since they only take one nap a day), lunch at 2 PM, dinner at 6 PM, then bathtime and in bed by 9 PM. They have a bottle "snack" between meals and before bed. It seems to be working so far, at least to some degree. The bedtime routine seems to be the best thing for them. They are all over the house these days so need those nightly baths.

Tonight the boys were all excited for their nightly bath.
They were watching the tub fill with water.

Collin was blinded by the bright light of the sunny warm days of Texas January.
Freakin' 80 degrees in January, what is up with that?!

Just had to show everyone this adorable pic of Craig and Gaia alseep on the couch.
I found them like this when I got home from the grocery store Friday night.
(Yes, I spend my Friday nights at the grocery store these days...)

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Matthew said...

That picture of the boys waiting for the tub to fill is adorable!