Friday, January 20, 2006

Sicky Icky

All my men are sick, Craig came home from work early (meaning he left at his scheduled time) with all the same ickyness as the boys. The medicine that the pulmonologist just isn't cutting it anymore and I have had to go back to the OTC cough & cold stuff, including Tylenol for their fever. Poor Collin is coughing so hard that he cries and Cyrus being kept awake by coughing as well. I feel so sorry for all my guys, I am doing everything I can think of, I hope they can get some decent rest. The boys didn't want to go to bed because they weren't feeling good and have been coughing in their sleep. I know I am trying to get them to sleep through the night, but I may end up feeding them at 4:30 Am just to get some medicine down them. Now all I have to do is keep myself from getting this, whatever it is...

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