Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sleep Deprivation Taking Its Toll

My boys are not quite a year old, based on adjusted age... So I have a question to everyone: When do most twins start sleeping through the night? I have not slept more than three to four hours in a row in almost a year now. Granted I have had a day here and there, but one night every two months or so is not cutting it. Friends, I think I am going to lose it if these little guys do not start sleeping soon.

Collin is doing okay, usually waking only once in the middle of the night and has on a couple of occasions slept through the night. He sleeps when he is tired and goes down easily. I have hope for Collin, but Cyrus is the real problem. He does not like to sleep, period. He will only take one nap during the day and if I am lucky, it will be an hour long or so. Today he went down for an hour and a half, however it was not until 3:30 PM. Before his shunt problem he was getting close to sleeping through the night, but he has regressed significantly. He gets up at least twice a night. Last night he was up and awake from 3:30 AM to almost 5:00 AM.

I feel my ability to remember things is failing (yes, even more than normal) and my energy levels are failing. The state of my house is failing and I fear that one day I will overlook something involving the boys that would affect their health. Does anyone have any advice on getting more sleep? A vacation is on the top of my list, but it is a short term solution. I am eager to listen to any ideas you have to offer, and let me also offer my mirror of this blog on Blogger so anyone can post comments without having to get an account for anything. It is not as pretty as this one, but I have had a year to tweak the template.

Big sister Gaia stayed with us over the weekend.
Collin and Cyrus love it when she is around.

Daddy spending a little QT with the boys before bed. They are mesmerized.

Collin is proud of himself for pulling up onto the windowsill. He has come so far so quickly!


Kelli in the Mirror said...

When you say they're up in the night, does that usually mean up for long periods where you have to get up and mess with them? Or do they cry out and then put themselves back to sleep? Do they still eat in the night?

My pedi said at Gilly's six month checkup that if she wasn't sleeping through the night it was my fault, and that if I ever expected sleep again I HAD to let her cry. It took three nights of sheer hell, she cried for two hours straight the first night, one hour the second, half hour the third, and then she started sleeping like a champ.

I would think that even being preemie, that they're old enough to do it. By now they're just used to getting up and like your company in the night. Maybe?

It sucks. Bad. Turn the monitor way down and put the pillow over your head.

Sadye Spirit said...

They wake up because they are hungry. And I have not let them cry it out b/c I do not want one to wake up the other. The 12 AM-2 AM feeds are usually easy and they go right back to sleep. But if they wake up at 4 AM or 5 AM they want to play after they eat. I am hesitant to deny them feedings because of how little they eat during the day; they take the biggest bottles during the night, up to six ounces at each feed.

I cannot imagine listening to them cry for TWO HOURS!! They do not really even wake up completely, they just sort of start moaning and it builds until they are crying out. Oh my goodness- sounds like if I have to do what you say, I will need to emotionally prep myself. I dont think I have ever let them cry more than five minutes or so.

I should call my pediatrician... I am sure they are old enough, but I did not think I would have to force them out of it. I thought they would grow out of it themselves.

HHH said...

We have the same problem. Hallie, goes down easy and will sleep all night (that is if i would let her), we have to wake up and feed her, sometimes she doesnt even wake up...but that isnt the point.. i am still up feeding her! Heath on the other had... fights sleep so bad... but one he is sleeping.. he wake up once usually..sometimes 2x and occasionally he will sleep all night! Im ready for the full night sleep myself but since Hallie is so small i bet im still going to have to wake up and feed her til she is in! Good Luck... ill think about you when im up at 2am..knowing im not alone!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

It's a tough call, and basically one that you just have to decide what works best for you. I have friends who think I'm horrible for letting her cry. My personal feeling is that she had me trained to believe she *needed* me in the night. Once she realized night-time was for sleeping, she just switched on her own and started eating more food in the mornings.

One thing to be careful of is letting them cry for a little bit longer than normal and then getting them. I did that, and she realized that if she cried really loudly for fifteen minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore and went to get her. That's when my pedi put her foot down. I was sort of offended at first, and it was really bad, but worth it in the long run.
They are used to each other and I bet they will get to the point where they don't wake each other up. Gilly takes her naps with another little girl in her room with her and they almost never bother each other. One can start yelling and the other will be snoring.
Wow this is long... :)