Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Better than the last...

Night two is over and they did great! I gave them their midnight feed, went to bed by 1 AM, and like clockwork Cyrus woke up at 4:30 AM. I offered him water and then held him before putting him back into bed, doing the same for Collin immediately after. This time, however, I did not go back in when they woke up at 5:00 AM, I gritted my teeth, turned the monitor down a bit and just waited. They went back to sleep and did not wake up again until almost 9:00 AM! Thank you Universe! The power of prayer is amazing!

I felt refreshed and almost as if I had a good night's sleep when I got up to feed them. Wow. I forgot that I could wake up and feel like I could stay awake a while. Of course now that the boys are down for their nap, I am feeling the need to go lay down too. I am trying to put them on a more strict schedule, and perhaps that will help as well. Noon to 2:00 PM is nap time. Let's see if the boys agree...

Over the weekend my friend Tara came into town and she brought gifts for the boys.

Tara is reading the first book she brought for them, Cyrus is listening intently, you can tell by his concentrating thumb sucking technique.

Collin is helping Tara read the other book she gave them. He loves books. Thank you so much Auntie Tara! We loved playing with you this weekend. :)

Tara and Mommy getting in one adult picture for the weekend.
I had such a good time with her, come back any time Tara!

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