Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2007! We are looking forward to this year, may each year get better than the last. Collin and Cyrus stayed up until 11:30 PM almost staying up until the ball dropped (again) Central Standard Time. I have high hopes for this year and I am optimistic that changes for the better will be coming.

I am feeling better, but my energy levels are still low. So to make up for my lack of conversation, here are bunches of fun pictures of the holiday season to enjoy!

Bringing in 2007 with a SNAP!
Cyrus hurt himself with the elastic on his hat moments later...

Collin was more interested in examining
the hat rather than wearing it.

Collin was obsessed with playing the piano
on Christmas. No really, he cried and cried
when we tore him away from it.

Cyrus was the Sit n Spin Master,
figuring out how to do it almost immediately.

Big sister Gaia opens her loot- tons of cool clothes!

Cyrus pops out of his gift from Santa, a puppet theater.

Collin and Cyrus watch the show Daddy puts on for them.
They both love playing with the puppets.

I just had to share how happy Collin was
to be inside the kitchen cabinet.

Collin and Cyrus express their artistic side with crayons.
Cyrus was bogarting the crayons and Collin kept eating them. :P

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