Friday, December 29, 2006

Cut off from LIFE :P

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! My computer has been down for a while as my hard drive died and Craig had to get a replacement so I have been cut off from the Internet community and my email since before Christmas. As I am just getting back online and rebuilding my bookmarks and all, I thought I would drop a line in to let the world know we made it through the holidays. :P

The boys got better before Christmas but I finally caved and was sick as a dog on Christmas day. I guess the exhaustion finally caught up with me, and so Christmas day is a bit blurry for me and was a bit chaotic. My poor mother in law got really sick to and so we did not visit the Swain family on Christmas Eve, as is the tradition. Gaia, the boys, and I spent Christmas Eve together and as I was already getting sick it was not very eventful, but once it got dark we went out looking at Christmas lights until Craig got home from work. The boys absolutely loved looking at the lights ohhing and ahhing the whole time, even though it was raining and it was a little hard to see clearly.

I am still sick and will post some pictures soon when I am feeling a little better. Collin and Cyrus lost a lot of weight from this last illness, almost two pounds from Collin and a pound from Cyrus. Everyone who has not seen them lately has noticed Cyrus' weight loss. But they are doing just fine now and are almost back up to eating as much as they were before they were sick! Our sleep schedule is all messed up still and some of you moms out there will be green with envy and other will scorn me, but right now they are sleeping in until almost 10 AM, going to bed around 10:30 PM. As far as sleeping through the night, well, it is more often than not, and so I am trying to take advantage of that and get some rest. Speaking of.... I should do that now. More to come soon! Lots to tell...

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