Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Step, First non-belayed Climb!

I need to go to sleep but I needed to mark these two momentous occasions. First Collin took his first real step today! It was during his ECI PT and I was holding his blankie in front of him, he was standing on his own and took on step with his right leg towards me before sitting down. We tried and tried to get him to do it again, but he was done amazing us for the day. Yeah Collin!!!!! We are so proud of him!

Second, Cyrus officially can climb INTO his crib on his own, has done it now two days in a row. He has yet to try to climb out and that might be the end of his crib days once that happens. But for now it is all about getting in, not out. I guess that rock climbing I did in my first trimester (like I used to do on a regular basis) stuck with him. He felt how much I enjoyed it.

So the boys do not have pneumonia and are feeling much better now. Good thing too since tomorrow is our first appointment with the Gastro Dr. And speaking of that I need to get some sleep, in case I had not mentioned that before. LOL Yeah for healthier boys... I was hoping it would be okay for Christmas, maybe it will after all.

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