Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finding the Time

November was so amazingly busy for us, we had therapy almost everyday of the week. Then we had our playgroup with the multiples club, the library Peapods lapsit program, and the Kindermusik class we are in. Things have come to a screeching halt and I am in a mild mourning over the loss of Collin's therapy. I am enjoying the break for my own selfish reasons, but I am itching to get Collin back into a quality therapy routine. I like routines, but need outside influences to motivate me and keep me responsible, and therapy was good for all of us.

We are hoping to have some new therapy in action in the next few weeks that will be two to three days a week. Collin needs it so much and I need the instruction and direction. We are looking at Collin having a Pediatric Walker soon to help initiate his gate muscles and help him to learn how to walk. We have much hope that he will be walking within a year if we are diligent about his therapy. This next year is going to be the most important for him and I trying to do what is best for him, which includes the patch. A difficult task for sure, sometimes we can go through five patches in an hour and we are supposed to keep it on him for two hours a day. Hard on us and really hard on a little boy with SID (Sensory Integration Dysfunction); I am satisfied if I can keep a patch on him for over an hour a day, but set the time for 90 minutes anyways. He has the cognitive understanding without the ability to interact or communicate to match it. I hate that money and insurance is preventing my child from having what he needs to succeed and I fear that will cause long term delays that could have been prevented. We have a Gastroenterology appointment set up for next week to see if we can find out what his reflux issue is all about and perhaps to help with weight gain. He has so much potential... I do not want to be the reason he does not fulfill that.

I also need someone to teach me more about ADHD for Cyrus. If he is going to have anything at this point, its going to be that. He is such a good little boy but he is everywhere all the time; in your face and freakin'-ear-piercing-loud about it. He doesn't take typical discipline well (at least I consider him smiling and laughing while we try to get him to not hit or scream or throw things) so I need some help in that area. Right now his big issue is that he may have a communicating (I think that is the right tern for it) hernia again. We have an appointment with the surgeon to check that out too. I would hate to see Cyrus go back under the knife again so soon, since it has barely been over a year since his last surgery. But he is a whipper snapper, a flirt, smart, charming, stubborn, and very demanding.

I am trying not to drown in the pressures of their little lives and my grown up responsibilities, when day to day things are as normal as they can be. However, I have pretty much lost touch with the rest of the world. I do not watch the news, and am usually the last to know anything that is going on that I do not receive via email (when I find the time to check my email). How do you other twin mom's do it? How do you other preemie moms of toddler/s do it? How do moms who have normal kids do it? Rasing children is the most amazing, rewarding, terrifying, stressful, loving, exhausting, never-ending, wonderful experience I have ever had.

A friend and I laughed the other day when she mentioned a song I didn't recognize, she tried singing it to me and all could think to do was sing back Blue's Clues. LOL I am just happy I have found a new band to put my musical energy into... Blue October. Who knows how long they have been popular, but I have just discovered them in the past year, and only now am starting to get their stuff that is not on the radio. I have a ton of pictures to post, especially from the most recent and highly exciting event of attending our good friend Tanner's 2nd birthday party, but I want to do them justice, and this is essentially a venting post. I will post those wonderful pics and talk about the party soon...

Height/Weight Update as of Nov. 28 :
Collin: 25 lbs 3.5 oz., 33 inches
Cyrus: 28 lbs 8.2 oz., 34 inches


Anonymous said...

i am a mom of one, and as for discipline at age two and under...dont sweat it . i mean sure you want them to do what you want, but i personally think under two, its not a major issue

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Don't worry about the discipline just yet. I've always heard that time outs and stuff like that aren't effective until they're 18 months old, and I find in reality it's closer to 2. And I've got some that laugh at me also. :) Makes my blood boil, but what can you do. I would focus on safety issues, because of course you want him to have boundaries, but don't sweat the small stuff.