Thursday, November 23, 2006


My best friend Jen came in town from Colorado for the Cowboys game last weekend and her husband came in from Lawton (he is finishing up his army commitment) and in laws (from San Antonio) all came by to see the boys. They just loved the Cowboys hats and had so much fun playing with Aunt Jen, Uncle Travis, and Mrs. White. Thanks for coming by everyone! :)

Aunt Jen tries to keep a hold of Cyrus while he is elated over the hats he sees.

Uncle Travis lets Collin try on his hat... Wow, Collin likes it!

They are so big on me, that's funny!
I really like you Mrs.White, thanks for coming by to see us. :)

Cyrus puts the hat on Aunt Jen that he stole from Collin's head.

Oh Cool! Now we are both wearing hats!!
Cyrus' fits a lot better than Collin's.

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