Saturday, November 18, 2006

Feeling Better

We thought at first it was just a cold or allergies, but their congestion turned into a coughing, miserable, snotty, sleepless mess. So we did the usual Tylenol runny nose & cough during the day with Benadryl at night, pushing the fluids and not working so hard to make them eat. We had their two year check up on Thursday, where they were weighed and measured standing up for the first time... My boys are growing up! :) It makes me so happy to see them getting bigger and doing more, but I digress.

So we got our shots and our PCP (Primary Care Physician) is recommending the gastro DR to us (again) b/c of Collin's increased reflux problem. He also gave us some really great medicine for their cold which looks like blue airplane toilet water, but it doesn't taste bad and it is 12 hour medicine, versus the 4 hour on the Tylenol. Woo HOO!! They have been doing so much better and this morning they are looking like themselves again. The other thing our PCP recommended was therapy through Cooks for Collin to replace the therapy from TWU we will be losing at the end of the month.

Today is going to be a busy day so I better get to it, but I wanted to jot this down while I had a few minutes. Fun pics to come...

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