Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Halloween and Such

We had a good Halloween, our first time to Trick or Treat. Cyrus absolutely loved it, taking about three houses to get the idea and just having a ball. We only went around two streets (which was more than plenty) and a friend of mine drove all the way from Dallas to help me take them around. Next year will be even better, when Collin will (hopefully) be walking and can say "trick or treat" and enjoy all the loot they will acquire. This year however, most of it will be consumed my Mom and Dad.

Our therapy at TWU is going excellently and we are so sad that it will be over at the end of the month. Collin has gotten so much out of it and his eating, oral manipulation, and fine motor skills have improved drastically in the six weeks we have been in the program. He has even said a few words now: "yea!" "eat," and more clearly "mama." But he says yea the best, holding both arms over his head in a touch down motion. We have been fingerpainting and learning to tolerate more textures (rice is still a big no no) and he loves to play in the ball pit now. Cyrus has the best time while we are there jumping on the trampoline, riding the big swing and playing in the rice box.

I think both boys are going through a growth spurt and are taking more bottles at naptime and bedtime, Cyrus especially. He takes two bottles everynight before going to bed... even after having a full dinner that he feeds himself. He can eat a whole toddler entree now, so its not like he is not eating (at least at dinner time), but I have learned that neither one of the boys like mashed potatoes. We will have to give that a try a few weeks down the road. So, we are super busy for now and working hard to keep them at the top of their game, and I am trying to not to be over whelmed by all the work we are doing everyday.

Big sister Gaia will be staying with us the rest of the week while her mom has a c-section tomorrow to deliver her fourth child. Congratulations to her and Gaia will be the big sister to a total of FIVE brothers. I will have to get up at the crack of dawn to get her to school the rest of the week but we will get to go to her school carnival on Saturday, so that will be fun. Um... I am sure there is more; we had a quasi-birthday party for the boys on the Saturday between their birthdays. It was fun but exhausting as I had expected. :P Well, on to the pictures so I can hopefully get some things done around here before the boys get up from their nap.

Cyrus loved wearing his dinosaur costume!

Collin in his lion costume at therapy.
Too Cute, and so fitting for him!

I had to show the tail... it really made the outfit!

Where is Cyrus?

Collin with Miss Stacy playing on the trampoline at therapy.
BTW, it was on Halloween. :P


Kelli in the Mirror said...

I love those costumes!

gillian hates mashed potatoes too. And my mom says I threw up every time she tried to feed them to me, along with pudding, jello, and any other smooth food like that. I grew out of it. :) Hoping Gilly and the boys will too.

Billie said...

I know I say it every time you post pics, but they are SO CUTE!