Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is our first Thanksgiving at home with no one coming to us. It is just Craig, the boys, and me; a quiet and low key day. We are very thankful that we have two happy children who are as healthy as they can be at this point. We are thankful for the people who have helped us through all we have been through for the past two years- my parents who have been invaluable in their support and emotional availability, all of our family for being there when we needed you with love and supporting the boys, our friends for their love and support, the doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists, our mircopreemie friends who can relate to our plights, and most of all the strength of these two little miracles to have thrived through such overwhelming odds to be where they are today. May each Thanksgiving day give us more reasons to be thankful and may each year be better than the last. Now I am going to go enjoy this day off, which is a day without DR appointments, therapy sessions, and the boys are not going to be force to eat full meals if they do not want to. That's more for me to relax than for them of course. :P

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Can I have chicken and stars for Thanksgiving this year, mom?

We just love the dryer... But Cyrus is getting bored I think.

Cyrus can be my seat to look at the light!

We have claimed this piece of shelving
in the name of the Swain Twins!

Now Collin, listen up... here are the design plans for our
Mecha-Legs to reach the computers
and other hard to reach items.

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