Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Birthdays and Basketball

So our very good friend Tanner just turned two! He was a Micropreemie too, at 26 weeks and we were so happy to be there for his awesome celebration. :) We all had so much fun and are so proud to see how well Tanner is doing. I am certain your brother, Parker, is beaming with joy to see what a happy and healthy child you are, Tanner. We wish him a Happy Birthday too. *hugs*

:) Happy Birthday Tanner! You are TWO! :)

Grandma is chit chatting with Tanner
while she and Cyrus ride the Rocking horse.

Look Cyrus, let's shake it up! Yes, Cyrus lets... Wee!

Mommy and Collin try to get a pic in during all the fun,
but Collin was too busy having fun to notice.

Collin was going through all the tunnels and playing
with all the toys until he realized there was electrical
equipment, then the stereo was suddenly
the only thing in the room...

It is official the Swain boys will be
basketball players. Grandpa is proud to have sports
players in the family, I am sure...

Collin shoots- He Scores! SLAM DUNK!!

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