Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bathtub Fun

It was the night before Cyrus' surgery so I thought we would try something fun, no bathtub seats. Collin is not stable enough for bathing without the seat yet, so it was a one time thing for now, but they had a blast while it lasted!

Because everyone likes to see baby butts!

Collin is trying to reach across the tub and drag his
tub seat back into the bath. Cyrus is splashing in
the water, just the beginning of what would be
the Bathtub Splashing Fiasco of 2007. :P

Oh the water is getting deep now! Note that Cyrus is now on
the left side and Collin on the right. They never sat still.

The water got all the way across the room to the
bathroom door by the time they were done with this bath
and Mommy had to change her clothes lest she
catch a cold in her own bathroom! LOL

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