Saturday, January 06, 2007

Knocking on Wood

Cyrus is getting better and has been fever free for 24 hours! Whew! Let's hope that he makes it through until Wednesday... knock, knock. :P In fact he and Collin have been very playful this weekend while their big sister has been here. We might need to reschedule Collin's Gastro procedure because of the Medicaid mix up. Technically we do have Medicaid right now but because of a computer glitch involving the new year that stated we didn't qualify, we are not receiving any of the Medicaid benefits. I have tried contacting the children's Medicaid office (and getting like nine different phone numbers of people who could not help and give me another number to call, etc. until I got to the official office who puts me on hold and I have yet to get a person) everyday last week that they were open and wasted hours of minutes on my phone without ever getting to talk to anyone who could help me. I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!!

This means our medications are no longer covered, we will owe an additional $500 for Cyrus' surgery on Wednesday, and all our Dr. appointments/ procedures will cost us more upfront. Not an ideal time for a mix up, right after Christmas, but Cyrus needs the surgery more than Collin needs his procedure, so if we do not get this fixed by the end of next week we will have to reschedule Collin. I was going to reschedule Collin's rehab food evaluation but we would not get in until March... Decisions decisions and I want to do what is best for my children and hopefully what is financially viable for us. So if Collin has to wait until March, maybe that is what we have to do.

On a more positive note, Collin has been very vocal lately saying slowly and deliberately "ma-ma" and trying to make consonant sounds! He has also been wanting to walk assisted more too ( hold his hands); normally he resists and would lift his feet. But today he even took a few steps while holding only one hand! It was very exciting, and I am so proud of my big boy Collin! The therapists said that speech is related to walking and I am seeing improvement in both. And speaking of speech, Cyrus is talking constantly, although I have to translate it to others most of the time, but that is okay, I don't mind. :) He makes great associations, like calling a watch a clock. We just need to get some of the technical/business stuff settled so I can go back to focusing my energy on the boys. I feel like I have not been giving them my best lately and now that we are all relatively well we need to get back on schedule.

I apologize, I feel like all I do these days is complain, and sometimes I start to post and stop because I start just venting. My internal dialog isn't very positive, and I need to work on that. And but the way... the PostSecret guy is going to be in town (Grapevine, but its close to Fort Worth) the day after Cyrus' surgery. I am SO bummed out that I will not be able to go and get his latest books (and autograph them!) and listen to his lecture. But I cannot abandon my son the day after his surgery, and besides, Craig is still going to be at work when it starts anyway. :( But I will stop being so selfish and focus on the positive... It is a new year, and this stress too shall pass... all will be well again... ohmm.... :)

Cyrus is helping out Collin by pushing him on the tricycle,
and having a great time doing it too. Isn't that adorable?

Uh oh, Collin, you better steer that thing! You are about
to be pushed right into the box of diapers and wipes!!

Collin cuddles with Daddy on the couch after Daddy's long day at work.

Cyrus takes his turn with Daddy and Collin uses this as
an opportunity to try to steal Cyrus' blankie. Silly Collin...

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