Sunday, January 21, 2007

We All Got It

As of today, it is official, everyone who lives in this house is sick. Craig came home from work today saying he has been feeling bad at work all day, and luckily for him he has only one more day left before his three day "weekend." Of course he will be spending his free time being sick but its better than calling in when you are on hourly wages. We were supposed to have big sister Gaia over this weekend, but with all the sickness around here we arranged it for another weekend. Which is good, since she has three more little brothers at her other house and one is less than three months old. I would feel awful if this icky bug got sent home with her and everyone got sick there too.

Collin and Cyrus are feeling a little better, but are absolutely refusing to eat. It has been a flashback to the good old days of trying to get them to eat baby food, only now they are smarter and know the tricks, like spitting it out, flailing their arms in protest, and using sign language for "all done" after only two bites. As being sick goes, Cyrus is worse off than Collin, but at the moment I think I am the sickest. My parents offered to come over for the afternoon today and babysit so I could get some rest, BLESS THEM!! I got like five hours sleep in a row, which is really good and I needed badly. Let us hope that we are all feeling better by Monday so we do not have to cancel anymore Dr/therapy appointments, because holy cow people, this is getting ridiculous!

Collin has maneuvered himself behind the cat tower
and the coffee table to get at the window. Apparently
our curtains have a little static cling going on...

Cyrus is playing with kitty, being very gentle.
With reminders of course.

Collin is holding on to the industrial size baby gate that
Craig made to go around the computer/kitchen table.
I think he has his eyes on my computer...

Cyrus likes to hide under blankets and so I
thought he might like a tunnel. He did.

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Kim said...

You guys deserve a break already! This has been such a horrible winter for you all, sickness-wise. I hope that once this bug is kicked, you can enjoy a fever-less, cough-less, surgery-less year!