Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snowed In

Okay, maybe not snow, but ice and sleet. We were supposed to have a playgroup for multiples today at my house and a Dr. appointment for Collin to see the neurologist. Both cancelled, and I was not upset about it in the least. There is something about being tucked inside the warm house when the outside is cold and white that makes you want to sit on the couch and do nothing. I almost did nothing had I not been preparing for company the night before. Aside from Cyrus and Collin being needy today from not feeling well, it was a lazy day. I think they might be teething but they have had the high fevers and now a cough, so maybe the teething is a separate thing and they are getting sick to boot. *throws hands up in the air* I just do not know anymore. They are sick all the time in winter, that is what I have decided.

Of course we have two ECI appointments tomorrow, so no lazing about but today we could. And then Friday, after another ECI appointment, we drive the 45 minutes to pick up their big sister for the weekend. It feels like forever since I saw her now that we don't get to see her every Wednesday like we used to. I hope she is enjoying her new home and new school.

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