Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In Action!

I have to remember not to wait so long between photo posts, far too many wonderful pictures to choose from! Cyrus is walking, and Collin is fearless. I wanted to recommend a product to those who may have problems with their child learning to walk. Walking wings have been great in teching Collin to get off of his belly and start truly crawling on all fours like a big boy. They will be very helpful later on when he is ready to start walking, but right now he just throws his weight forward and lifts his legs like a frog and then he is floating. Silly Collin.

Cyrus had strep throat not too long ago, but none of the pics I took of him covered in red spots turned out. He was a red freckled baby for about four days. Luckily, and I cannot explain how, but Collin did not get the strep. We are now only fighting off a little cold, runny nose and cough. But some things you just have to let your child get exposed to, pick your battles, otherwise we would be stuck in a bubble, and I cannot stay inside that long!

They are enjoying the lazy boy chair together. They are always hanging out together. So cute!

Argh, Captain Collin Sparrow!

Cyrus walking around like he always does these days! :)
His big sister Gaia encouraging him the whole way.

Collin has no fear, and might I remind everyone,
a poor sense of balance. So to walk into the room to see him here
was, well, an adrenaline rush.

But not nearly as fear inducing as this.

Daddy and Cyrus catching up on some QT with a good book.
I love that my boys love their books- have tons of
pictures with them, but too many to post here.

About a lifetime ago, we met up with our friend Tanner
at the local mall, where a wonderful toddler play area is.
Most of my pictures turned out badly, but this one was sweet.

Collin likes to be close to his brother, even while they are about to eat.
They love to watch Blues Clues or Jack's Big Music Show while they eat.

Collin and Gaia posing with big smiles for the Baby Paparazzi! Sweet!


Loni said...

Yea - Lots of pictures - Great Pictures! Thanks for posting and sharing! :)

Lisa Williamson said...

Hello, I am one of the founders of Walking Wings. We were so happy to learn about your experience with Walking Wings. We really feel the product is beneficial for all babies, but especially for preemies and/or twins. We would love to add your thoughts to our testimonials page if you are interested.

You can contact us via the web site or email me at

Your twins are so precious!

HHH said...

Your boys are getting so big. They are losing their baby look. Time is going by so fast. My home computer is super slow, so sorry about no comments lately...I still check in. It seems like all of us are posting less and less!! The babies are on the move now!

Maggie said...

I think I have the perfect girl for Collin! Seeing the picture of him on the table near the couch and your comment about his sense of balance hit home. I have the female version of him at home! She climbs our couch and end tables to look out the window too!