Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I have been thinking lately of letting my Xanga site expire at the end of the year. Keeping up two blogs is kind of a hassle, and as much as I love it and have spent countless hours perfecting the template, it may have to go. For one, it has my full name on it in the URL. Not what I would have chosen had I known that my login name was going to be the URL address. Second, Xanga has pissed me off with the rewriting of all their HTML structure so all my links do not work and people cant see archives and such. Third, I am really liking Blogger, if I can get this HTML code issue with IE showing weird code changes (like GIANT text) that I do not see in Firefox. And of course going back to the privacy issue, I would like to be a little less "out there" in using real names and all. First names are fine, but not use last names for future reference, and that sort of thing. This all came rushing back to the forefront of my mind after reading Child's Play x2 and thinking about how people link one blog to another to another to another...

Craig and I went on a shopping spree today with the boys and got four new books, some cool cardboard blocks, and some cloth books to let them keep in their cribs (I fear real books would get torn to pieces if left unattended). Yeah, all of that and our reason for going was to get the acrylic TiVo cover so Collin will stop pushing the buttons. It was fun going to the new BabiesRUs in our city that opened this past weekend. They have lots of cool stuff there!

After shopping we dared to take the boys to dinner at a Chipotle. Cyrus is officially WAY TOO LOUD to take out to dinner, much less to a place that really lacks insulated interior. He likes the food though and partook in my burrito with gusto. I wish I had my camera with me. Collin was not so interested, but he was well behaved and quiet, so I let him get away with not eating.

They are currently in a napping state of flux. For a long time now they would go down between noon and one, sleep two hours (if I was really lucky, three hours!) and that would be their nap for the day. Lately however, they are not tired until 2:00 PM sometimes even 3:00 PM. They are late sleepers, not usually up until 9:00 AM or so (Thank you SO much guys! :P) and so it doesn't surprise me that they are staying up longer in the morning now that they are getting bigger. I am adaptable, unless they start wanting to get up at 7:00 AM, Mommy not down with that. :P

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