Monday, August 28, 2006

Midnight Tantrum

The fear is that by letting one cry in the middle of the might that it will wake the other one, and in the end like a good deal of spoiling, it is done for the sake of the parent rather than the child. Cyrus woke up all upset and hungry so I fed him and rocked him trying to get him back to sleep. And of course once I thought I was free and clear, I hear Collin chiming in from the other room (not even in my own bed yet). Which reawakens Cyrus to a jealous rage that Collin is now being held. I waited until Cyrus was quiet again before putting Collin down, but Cyrus' tantrum woke Collin up to the point where he didn't want to be held and rocked back to sleep but wanted to check things out. So I put down a quickly agitated Collin that set off Cyrus... Geeze, people, let Mommy have some peace!

I left them both sitting up and wailing those alligator tears, gave them each a hug and kiss, told them I loved them and that it was night-night. Then I closed the door and sat down at my computer. Now they are both quiet, hopefully asleep like they wanted, just not how they wanted to get back to sleep via in Mommy's comforting arms. One at a time please is my rule. They need to know how to self sooth, and that Mommy will not make a worse habit than she already has about going in there during the night to rock them back to sleep. I foresee another few days ahead of me filled with crying nights of renewed tantrum energy before I can start sleeping through the night more than once or twice a week. I must count my blessings that it is not still every night, but still. My precious sleep loss may later become one of my most vivid memory reasons not to try for another child; pregnancy loss, preemie scare, caring for the kids we have, and mountains of health care debt aside.

Let's see, about an hour and a half past my hopeful bedtime, which bodes badly for my ability to wake up on time in the morning. The more tired I am the less I hear my alarms. We had some good rain the is supposed to keep coming through tomorrow/today so maybe it will stay dark and the boys will sleep in too.

I know I promised pictures, and I will get to it, but * insert suitable mom of twins excuse here*. I will get to it this week. We had a good weekend overall and the boys are starting to need to get out of the house like me these days. I wish it weren't so dammed hot all the time. We all miss the wagon rides. Ok, I am satisfied that they are sleeping again and I am going to try to sleep myself. My poor hubby is getting up less than three hours and I want to be in bed when he does, let him think I have been there the whole time. ARGH! NOOOOOO! Someone is crying again! Now I am going to cry!

Cutie and snuggable Collin enjoys his teething toy.

Just a peek at the kids playing at the
McMoms Mobile Munchkins playdate.

Cyrus trying to get into the cat spot while Collin
crawls across the couch on to the coffee table to get a closer look.

Collin fell asleep in the car, now he is breathing
through the nose pieces of his glasses.

Hear ye, hear ye, all children of multiples & triplets...
This is only one of the rooms where the
17 children were running about.


Kim said...

Oh my gosh--you have just written about all of the preiouvs four nights in my household! Why, oh why, can't they just sleep?!?! And why, pray tell, when one gets up, does the other insist on joining in the fun? Love those babies, but man I wish they came with more sleep :)

hsmomto2 said...

Breathing through the nose piece of the glasses...I can't tell you how many times Alex has done that. Your boys are adorable!

Anonymous said...

igf collin cn fall that far forward in his carseat the starps are way too shouldnt be able to pinch any horizontal slack with your fingers. again email me if you need to contact me at