Saturday, August 19, 2006

Playgroup Community

Yesterday we made our way back to the multiples playgroup for the first time since, geeze could be since before RSV season. So all excited about meeting up with some old friends we get there to a combined Tiny Tots/Mobile Munchkins playgroup (Tiny Tots for babies & Mobile Munchkins for walkers/ toddlers). An unprecedented eight moms came! Usually we have two maybe three moms show up so this was a gigantic event. 15 kids total (one set of triplets) and guess who was the most mischievous child of the whole lot? Yep, our dear Cyrus. That little boy was into everything- blinds, cabinets, doors, glass candles, on the kitchen chairs, trying to get on the kitchen table, on and on. I thought other kids would be so curious and active, but NOOO. Just Cyrus, all over the place wreaking havoc and literally having me chase him in and out of the kitchen. I felt a little embarrassed and annoyed that I could not sit and talk with the other moms (like most of them could). But then our wonderful hostess took us upstairs to a truly babyproofed area where all the kids could run free without the fear of causing any collateral damage. Then I finally got to do a little socializing. I had a great time and really am looking forward to meeting up with them again. The boys had a chance to play with other kids their age, and I met a mom who has preemie girls that were born at 26 weeks. I hope she is at the next playgroup too because I would like to talk to her more about her experiences.

Now it dawned on me this afternoon that Cyrus has been going through a word explosion and I wanted to take note of some of the words he says (or tries to say) now, not in any particular order:
Mama, Dada, Sisee, Collin (Call), cat, outside (sigh), night-night, bath time, light, green, red, no, whoa, cool, keys, please (peess), thank you (tak-oo), up, down, dog, spoon, pretty, chair, diaper (dye), wipe (why), blankie, bottle (bah-bah), ball, close, ok, water (wah), phone (foh), fan, boo, book, french fry (fie), coaster (coh), bear, door, shoe,... whew that's a ton!

I am kinda sure now that Collin knows Mama, but he only says it when he is upset. Like he is crying for me. That counts right? He will be whining and in the middle I will hear "ma" but it could just be him crying. I cannot get him to just say it. Ok, I've got some great pics to post but not tonight. I'm tired. *yawn*

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Maggie said...

Way to go Cyrus!! What a vocabulary!!!

Sarah is in Collin's boat. Dada is the mainstay. I hear mama when she's crying only, so that counts in my book! Other than that I can't make heads/tails of what she says,