Monday, August 14, 2006

Lazy Weekend

It was great, we did so little this weekend. Just hung around the house and by a freak fluke of nature, it actually rained in our neighborhood, so it cooled off a little. Whew, Texas is HOT, people!! Check me out, I am trying to post more, yea me! I learned this weekend that Cyrus likes Pad Thai, even opens his mouth for it!! Collin likes it too, but no surprise there. They may be able to grow up eating the same spicy foods we do after all...

Cyrus has a runny nose again and has been up the past two nights coughing. Poor guy, poor me. :P Sometimes I think it was better when I was up every three hours, at least then I got used to living without sleep. This getting decent sleep once or twice a week is throwing me for a loop. Not like my sleeping schedule was ever "right," I am an insomniac after all. Collin is getting used to the patch again, and I may have to get the next size up to prevent any more unintentional eyebrow waxes. But he wears them fine and considering, he keeps his glasses on too. I will have to get a pic of him with a patch on with his pirate hat wrap...

Grandpa and the boys at Grandpa's house for my birthday.
Yeah, if only they were this cooperative all the time. So cute!

Had to share this! Apparently Cyrus was comfortable after breakfast
and decided to chill out on the couch to let it all out.

Cyrus somehow made his way behind his crib and became trapped,
and Collin was following him right off the cliff.

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Loni said...

I love how Cyrus looks so upset and Collin is looking up at you like, "Oh look! Mommy's taking a picture!" He looks as if he's just about to start grinning! :)