Sunday, July 23, 2006

Collin & Cyrus Who?

Hehehe, just kidding, my way of getting it out there that I know its been forever since I blogged. I swear I do not know how all you other twin moms find time to sit down for a hour or two uninterrupted to keep up with your blogs. Now that Cyrus IS WALKING everywhere he can reach my computer and the kitchen table and walk off with anything not tied down. Collin just has a computer obsession and freaks out about getting to it if anyone is using one. By the time they go to bed at 9 PM and I have spent a little time with DH, I have no energy to think about what to tell everyone about how we all are. We are fine. Post. :P

Big sister Gaia is here for the month of July and is such an amazing helper this year. She is almost 10, so she can get a twin (usually Cyrus) in and out of the car seat, put them awkwardly in and out of the crib. She loves to discipline them, but I usually just thank her and let her know I will take care of that part. The boys love her dearly and always want to play with her and make them laugh. She is really good at making them laugh. She is in mourning over the fact that her pregnant mother (with her four child) is giving her yet another brother, bringing the score to brothers 5, sisters 0. She is getting so big and will soon be a pre-teen with all the joys and horrors that go along with being a pubescent girl- all you moms and women know exactly what I am talking about. Ah the first round of teenage behavior practically a generation before the boys. Hurray.

With the new Speech therapist we can concurred that Collin needs a hearing screen. At this stage and developmental ability he should be vocalizing and babbling consonants all the time. And my mother reminded me recently about how the heavy dosage of antibiotics Collin got his first few months could likely have caused some hearing loss. We have an appointment in September. But he eating well unless he is having to feed himself. He will sit in his highchair the whole 40 minutes and eat little to nothing if it is not stars or crackers on his tray. He wont eat fruit, veggies, or meat on his own unless I put it into his mouth myself. He is a carb boy, but at least he is not a sweets lover like Cyrus. Cyrus will eat on his own much better, still not enough to live off of, but better than having to pry his teeth apart to feed babyfood to, still. Are my entries just broken records of information? It certainly feels like it sometimes, LOL.

But like I said earlier, the big news is Cyrus walking. He walks more than he crawls, getting up from the middle of the floor and carrying things with him as he goes. We recently had to replace Collin's glasses for fresh ones thanks to the warranty. The paint was all scrapped off and so many scratches on the lenses, it was likely getting to be hard to see. Not to mention the fact that they broke the side temple right off.

Ok, well I will go back soon and post some great pictures that I have taken, so many to pic from. The Baby Paparazzi still is a shutter bug, I just haven't been printing or posting them.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

You're back! Missed you! Definitely want to see some walking pictures. :)