Friday, June 16, 2006

He has what?

We went to see the dermatologist the other day and found out that Collin has calcium deposits in his thumb. It is nothing to worry about and they will go away on their own, as they will begin to surface and fall off. Did I tell you that one already surfaced and fell off? It was really weird and freaked me out, but that was before the appointment. All the nurses and doctors came in to look at his thumb because apparently no one has ever seen calcium deposits on a thumb before. Usually they are on the heels and are caused by trauma, often from IVs in preemies. Collin had his thumb turn all purple and black for some unknown reason when he was only a week or two old (I think, it was so long ago!) and that was the "trauma" that most likely caused the calcium. Weird, but benign, so all is well.

Ever since the boys have become so active and all over the place I have all but abandoned my computer these days. I sat down and had dozens and dozens of emails tonight when I logged on and it just made me want to walk away. :P I have not been the baby paparazzi either, and that is sad. :( I will take some soon, it is time for a replacement picture for my wallet.

Cyrus is talking all the time now, repeating things we say. The other night he pointed at one of our cats and said "Ca!" We got all excited and I told him what a good boy he was and he said "Good Boy!" It was hilarious. Collin started his speech therapy this week and I LOVE his therapist. She is very good with him and she told me that the reason his tooth is all purple and bulbous is because he is not chewing anything. So she gave me this rubber toothbrush looking thing to stimulate his mouth so he would eat better and encourage him to chew. Wish us luck!

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