Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Theraputic Fun

I have been a bit of a scatter brain lately and the other day I totally flaked out on an ECI home therapy appointment with the occupational therapist after having to cancel for Collin's tooth the other day. I have not been checking my email much and have been returning emails even less (Teri Lyn I WILL call you about our appointment!! Sorry!). Right now I have been doing some work for my mother in law and that has temporarily become a part time job. Luckily while Craig is still looking for a job he can babysit the boys while I am out for the afternoon. I am medicating my sorry excuse for an energy level with four shots of espresso a day (two in the morning and two in the afternoon) and it has made me feel like a normal person, able to get through the day without the debilitating need for a nap every time I sit down. I have been forgetting my camera lately too, and missed photo opps at my niece's birthday and the boy's first swim of the year. Then I feel bad about not having pictures to post... the cycle of guilt causes me to not want to post and then I drop off the face of the Internet. Hehehe, oh well, it is not like I am all that important in the blog world anyways.

Anyway, I was about to go on my morning walk with my sister in law like we have been doing every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday when the little voice in my head said "check your calendar!!" and sure enough a physical therapy appointment fifteen minutes after I would have walked out the door. It was a very good and encouraging session too, so I was very happy I remembered. Collin was getting off of his tummy while crawling a lot and Cyrus was taking lots of steps back and forth from me to the therapist. They were so worn out by the end of the hour that Cyrus was laying down on the floor with his blankie sucking his thumb and Collin was yawning and sucking on his blankie/wash rag. Craig calls me later while I was "working" and asked me what I did to our children. This caused a mild panic inside me wondering what had happened to them, but it turned out they just took an extra long nap. Poor little guys.

They are more fun everyday. I can finally see why people say they wish their babies would stay little. I would still like them to feed themselves, however.

Cyrus and Collin are fascinated with a small waterfall at the
Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth.

I think Cyrus is laughing at something his Aunt Jillaine is doing,
but this wasjust an adorable picture. Too cute for the
Baby Paparazzi not to share.

Collin smiles at his cousin Jace, while Cyrus reaches for
his ball cap. No Cyrus, not for you...

While I was gone one afternoon, Craig took a picture of his
discovery of Collin & Cyrus' discovery. Apparently when he first
saw them they were both in the drawer, pulling out all of their PJ's from
their home, but by thetime he got back with the camera
Cyrus had escaped. You didnt catch me,
no proof! It was all Collin!!

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