Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Answers or More Questions

I know I have catching up to do, such is my life being the procrastinator that I am, but I was hoping someone could offer up some info about Collin's mouth. Look at the picture below, yes we are going to the doctor about it but I thought maybe someone would know what that black/purple mass is. Is it an infected tooth? Is it the reason he doesn't like to eat anymore? Is it an alien breeding in my child's warm moist mouth? Well, okay maybe not the last one but really holy cow people that is nasty! I found it this morning while playing with him, which of course makes me feel like a bad mother for not finding it earlier.

Craig got a clear shot of poor Collin's tooth/mass at the back of his mouth.
WTF? Is this the reason he hates to eat? Please comment!

Cyrus is almost walking now, taking a handful of steps on his own. He walks from chair to couch, person to person, and loves to walk all over the house with help. He does not know how to get up to standing from sitting without a chair or something to pull himself up. He is talking all the time, bottle (bah-bah), toes, blankie, and tons of baby babbling as he points to things.

I caught him laughing, what a great smile! The bump on his head is from a
recent fall while trying to pull a cup off of the kitchen table and losing his balance.

Collin is an airplane on, his big sister, Gaia's knees. She loves to play with
whoever is more interested in being cutest at the time.

I will get a better entry in later (isn't that just like a procrastinator?) but I have some things to do before getting Collin to the doctor, again. Between Collin's thumb (which has been referred to a dermatologist) and this, we are getting way to familiar with the pediatrician's office.


Billie said...

My girls, who aren't super eaters anyway, are TERRIBLE about eating when they are teething. Eden has one molar through, and three more coming soon. It's going to be a rocky road for my skinny little girl!

Thanks for the pics and update:)

ksl said...

I saw a little boy one time who got that when he was teething. It is like a blood blister and when he tooth pops through it will bleed. It is gross, but I wouldn't worry to much. Hope that helps.