Thursday, May 18, 2006

Keeping up Appearances

We have been keeping busy with our very mobile young men these days. We go walking with my sister in law and her kids three days a week now to keep in shape, get out of the house, stay in touch with my family, and oh yeah, get out of the house! Cyrus is climbing on everything these days and if I do not figure out something for him to have "permission" to climb on soon he is going to end up behind the couch or in the ER. The boy loves to climb, what can I say, he takes after his parents. :)

We went to my parent's house for Mother's Day, which was one of the most out of sync days I have had in a long time! Not only did I set off my car alarm AND my house alarm, but I forgot my camera, some things for the boys and dropped just about everything I picked up that was not a child. It was a nice day anyway, I mean really, if you cant laugh at yourself...

Collin's thumb is still weird and spotty but some of the spots are "surfacing" but they are still not bothering him and so everyday I debate whether to take him back to the doctor. I have not yet because I know I will end up paying for another visit where I leave with nothing. They are due for their 18 month check up and maybe I will wait for that to bring his thumb up then, get as much done in one visit as I can. Cyrus is having more fun walking these days but still does not stand on his own for more than a second or two or walk by himself yet. He babbles and talks all the time, which is better than the screaming, and I keep hoping Collin will follow suit. Collin has followed Cyrus in his eating habits and now it is a fight every single meal to eat. Oh, oh, I need to take pictures but I finally found a sippy cup that the boys have taken to. Last week we had some old friends from last Fall's Tiny Tots and Cyrus kept trying to drink from their sippy cup. Carson and Jordan were very nice about Cyrus' theivery and now we have sippy cups! Woo Hoo one more step to meal time independence! Today they had Gouda cheese, crackers, and jalapeno venison sausage for dinner (with water in their new sippy cups!). Yum!

The boys go out on their maiden voyage of their new wagon.
They held on for dear life but enjoyed it. I look forward
to taking them for walks!

Just the sweetest smile you can get!

Some of our friends from Tiny Tots came by last week and
here we see Carson enjoying some cookies.

Jordan sits happily with Mommy, Shawn, and like her sister also
enjoying a plentiful amount of cookies.

Cyrus found his way into the dryer the other day. He was so proud
and Mommy knew it was time to keep them out of the laundry room.

Oops! What ever did I do with my star?

A family photo... All we are missing is the big sister!

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