Thursday, May 04, 2006

First Words and Funky Thumbs

I cannot believe I didn't say anything earlier since I have been telling everyone in person. Cyrus has been talking! He says up, down all the time and lifts his arms up in the air. This morning I came in and he is standing at the crib railing saying down, down, down. He also says ball and is trying to say on, off, referring to putting the lids on the babyfood jars when I am feeding him. So his first word in context was ball but what he loves to say is up, down. Hurray Cyrus! Woo Hoo!

I took Collin to the doctor Wednesday morning and of course they had nothing pertinent to tell me. If it gets worse come back, if it spreads or if Cyrus ends up with it, come back. Other wise just keep an eye on it and do not worry. Well, I decided that I would share the "rash" with all of my loyal viewers (you get the good, the bad, and now get the ugly) and see if anyone might have an idea of what this might be. I am going to track it (not to worry, I wont be putting pics up of Collin's thumb for the next few weeks) and hopefully it will just go away. But after my experience in the NICU, just going away can be a lot to ask.

The raised bump at the tip of his thumb is the worst.
Most of the other bumps can only be
felt if you put pressure on them.

Just another angle for your viewing enjoyment. The doctor said
they couldstick it and see what is inside, but it puts Collin
at risk for infection.Um, thanks but no thanks. I will
wait for something more to happen before I stick
my child with needles again.

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Anonymous said...

My husband has eczema on his hands and feet. It looks JUST like that and is very itchy to him! Just thought I'd let you know, it might be eczema! I hope it goes away soon.