Tuesday, May 02, 2006

NICU Reunion 2006

Sunday was the NICU reunion at Cook Children's Hospital where the boys stayed, and we made it back for our second reunion. Last year was fun, but the boys were still on oxygen and I was all by myself so it was difficult. This time they were aware and interactive, and to top it off my mother came along and helped take care of the boys while we mingled. We had a great time seeing some of the nurses that I had not seen since the last reunion, a few since the NICU. Time seemed to go by pretty quickly and before we knew it the reunion was over. Cyrus got his hands on someone's cup and dumped ice and water all over himself, causing us to have to change him. I wanted to put a link to last year's NICU reunion on here, but I am still having problems with Xanga on my computer. (*Cries* I miss my Xanga site; I worked so hard on it, you know.) Later that evening we had a visitor from Craig's most recent job, Jarred, come over and meet the boys. They had a great time and the boys really took to him. What a busy Sunday! (Psst- Adrienne, let me know if I messed up anyone's name ok?)

Which reminds me, the day before we all went over to see the Swain cousins and Collin was completely entranced by Uncle Chris' guitar. I got a great video clip of them. Cyrus liked it but lost interest after a few minutes while Collin watched him play the whole time. Perhaps we have a musician in our midst?

Today I noticed that Collin has these little white bumps on the tip of his thumb while I was clipping his nails (which has become increasingly difficult lately, just Collin though). They are small like pin head and hard like a bead. They could be nothing but I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow anyways. I will let every one know how it goes.

Miss Adrienne took care of both the boys while in the NICU,
and is an avid Collin and Cyrus follower so I came to discover.
She asked me how my trip was! So I had to get pictures of her
and the boys on here, the boys loved her too as
some of their best pics were with her.

Cyrus smiled for the camera! It is such a rarity these days.
Note the necklace from the previous picture has now been
taken out of reach. Yeah, hands of little Cyrus!

Miss Frances also took care of the boys and helped me deal
with some issues I had while they were still in the NICU.
Cyrus loved her and practically did not want to let go.

Miss Michelle keeps Collin away from her keys.
Both of the boys just loved those retractable badges.
It was so nice to see you again!

Miss Sheralyn reminisces with Cyrus but he is distracted by the
hot dog bun floating in the corner. Spooky! (Shh, you don't see the fingers!)

Miss Janet also took care of the boys, and I remember spending
a good deal of time near the end talking with her. I heard one
night she held Collin when he was having a hard
time without his mommy. Thank you Janet!

Tanner won a door prize, a potty prize! His very own Royal Potty,
all set now aren't you Tanner? Ok ready, set, GO POTTY!

And can you believe we won something too? By the time they
called Cyrus' name there weren't any real baby toys left, but
we got a cool nerf basketball hoop which the boys love. The nerf
ball is already in the trash since Cyrus took a big bite out of it
(I got all the pieces back from him, not to worry).

OK so it was not so easy getting all the boys together for a
picture.This is my best one, Teri Lyn, I hope yours are better!
Tanner's Dad Marcus tries to keep Tanner from running off, good luck with that. :P

Our friend Jarred came by for a visit and the boys thought he was
a newjungle gym. He was very nice and humored them playing
a bunch. Thanks Jarred. :)

Cyrus enjoys his peas, but I think he likes wearing them the most.
How does one child get so much on him in one sitting?

Collin was enjoying Cyrus making an incredible hulk of himself,
Mommy just snuck into the picture out of boredom.

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