Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yeah for the Baby Paparazzi

Cyrus and Collin love to be held together. Daddy gets to reap the benefits of big smiles.

Here we see the boys going crazy over their first real viewing of a Baby Einstein video. They were entranced and kept going back for more.

Cyrus enjoys his dolphin, which used to be in the crib with him in the NICU. When they were first born, they were about the same size as the dolphin. My how they have grown!

Collin cannot resist being absolutely adorable for the Baby Paparazzi. We are very grateful for his cooperation, smiley baby!

Cyrus can be quite a fussy one when he wants to, and here is a peek at one of his more frustrated moments. I wont pick him up, poor Cyrus.

And here is Collin's imitation of a French accent, "hauh, hauh!" Because you know it isn't French if you do not say that at the end of your sentence...

Cyrus was "reading" the book, even turning the pages like a big boy and Collin came over to get a piece of the action. Cyrus generously obliged to share his book, a rarity this sharing thing.

I claim no responsibility for this- I was taking a shower! But Craig got a pick of the boys taunting one of our cats, Raiju (rye-zhue), and he was letting them!

Well, the cat did for a minute at least...

Another endearing photo of Collin, trying to convince our house guest to pick him up. Of course he shone those pearly whites when he saw the camera.

Grandma Swain came over to watch the boys for the day while I took Craig to the hospital for his gall bladder surgery. Cyrus loved using Grandma as his own personal lazy boy.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

Good Lord woman, how have you made it so long without baby einstein? That was their first time to watch it? Wow. Come over and I'll let you borrow about ten different ones. Then you can get on the computer for half an hour at a time at least. :)