Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Picture (web) Pages, Loads of Fun with Picture Pages...

Is everyone singing the Picture Pages song in their heads right now? Hahaha, excellent! *eg* Well it is amazing how being busy with life can lead to neglecting my blog, how time flies. I have received calls, emails and stern looks from people reminding me that I haven't posted in a while. And although it occasionally stresses me out to try and post more often than my energy levels allow, I love the fact that people check the blog so often that they get annoyed by my not posting. So thanks my loyal Collin & Cyrus fans!

Nuritionist came this morning, so here are the updated stats:
Collin: 20 lb. 2 oz., 29 7/8 inches (yes, he is taller than Cyrus!)
Cyrus: 22 lb. 9 oz., 29 1/2 inches

So what have we been up to in over a week? Well, to pick up where we left off... sleeping through the night is well, not quite there. Some nights I have the inner strength to let them cry it out, and others I have given in to either my own selfish desire to sleep or pity on my poor pathetic sounding children. Not to mention the fact that I had a house guest here from Wednesday to Sunday sleeping in the room next door to the boys. I felt bad for her having to listen to them cry in the middle of the night. But she is home now and I can again, return to letting my children suffer. But I must get them sleeping through the night before April 10th, since that is when I leave for Germany for a week and Grandma will be taking over for me. *everyone cross your fingers for Grandma's sake (and sanity)*

And speaking of suffering, Cyrus is a sharp, quick witted child who picks up on imitating things very quickly. My little charming yet mischievous youngest son has recently taken to joyously blowing on the spoon EVERY TIME I TRY TO FEED HIM! It is a glorious mess and I end up covered in whatever he had for breakfast/lunch/dinner that day. Well this afternoon it became so bad that I was a hair's breath away from losing it and just stopped feeding him his lunch. Too bad you arent eating enough Cyrus, I cannot take your reindeer games any longer. So for dinner he had finger foods consisting of peas, carrots, diced chicken and the staple wagon wheels and stars. He did not eat very much, but he had a ton of fun while I felt stress free while having to feed only one baby. It was awesome! He got an extra couple of ounces in his bedtime bottle (which he took all of) and that was that. Ok, so if I am going to start feeding this precocious child finger foods every day, um, what else should I feed him? Suggestions anyone? Please! I know I can do all sorts of research and reading up on it, but to be honest I am just to lazy at this time in my life to do much of anything and would greatly appreciate any info from people who have already been at this stage of development with their children. :P

What else? Ah, Cyrus is so close to walking! He cruises back and forth along the furniture, and we walk around while he holds my fingers until he tires and either lifts his legs or lets go to fall down. He is also very good at opening drawers, cabinet doors (I have taped a few shut as a temporary measure until I can get them baby proofed, but the tape will only last a few days as Cyrus has already started picking at the tape corners...), and always seems to reach a few more inches than I think he can, leading to yet another shelf to be cleared off in the living room. My computer is now permanently at the kitchen table (along with my plants) and they can get to the cords from under the table so I do not know what I am going to do. Cyrus is a charming and smart little man who can fake smile, fake cough (thanks to Grandma!), give raspberries, click his tongue, lick his lips, and even blows into our kazoo with glee. He is impatient with Collin who has not yet figured out how the kazoo works and just wants to clap with it.

Speaking of Collin, he is making headways too. He is ready to crawl on his hands and knees but is so fast on his elbows now that he doesn't want to yet. It is hilarious watching him slither across the tile floor, practically dragging his feet behind him as he pulls himself along on his arms. I think he is trying to sing with me these days, but I cannot be sure. His biggest problem right now is that he does not know how to fall. It is like watching a rag doll drop when he loses his balance. SMACK! Almost always knocking his head against something, but most of the time he just gets back up again. He has not figured out that he can bend his knees to get down from standing and looks like he is doing Downward Facing Dog when getting back onto the floor. He is still wearing his glasses well, even though they are too small for him and he needs new ones. We see the ophthalmologist at the beginning of April so... Collin loves to pet the cats, he is quite gentle with them, but scares them off with his cries of excitement when he is around them. The cats pretty much run for cover when they see Cyrus (we are teaching him to "be gentle"). Collin loves the computer and shines and cries to get in your lap if you are at one, which now means if I want to be at mine while the boys are awake I have to immobilize him somehow (i.e. playpen, excersaucer, jumperoo, etc.).

Whew! Well that is a lot of stuff! I could go on but it is really late and we have two appointments in the morning. So here are a few pics to enjoy. :)

Collin and Daddy playing on the computer together.

Cyrus enjoying his first all finger foods meal. Yeah!

The fruits of their labor... I have now lost an additional four pairs of pajama pants to the same mysterious phenomoenon...

Our friend Tanner playing with the boys. Woo Hoo! Visitors! :P

As you can see, Tanner really enjoyed himself. :P LOL

All smiles at Grandma's house, of course!

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

Kel, I don't know if the boys are still on any kind of delay in eating, but when Gilly turned one our pedi said we could feed her pretty much anything she was interested in, within reason. Macaroni is usually a big hit, or little bites of whatever you're eating. The only "toddler" food I ever bought packaged was those star puffs, and also meat sticks. She loved those too. Other than that, I just fed her whatever was in the house. :)
Is the choking going better? Obviously that would be a factor in what you can feed them too.
I have a good book called First Meals that has lots of ideas. Call me when you're at your mom's sometime and you can come borrow it!