Thursday, March 16, 2006

Free at last...FREE AT LAST!

Yesterday we had our last RSV shots and are no longer in hiding!! Hurray! Woo Hoo! Yes! Rock On! Whatever are we going to do with our new found freedom? I have no idea. LOL

But the boys are healthy and able to go see people and places again, of course within reason (meaning no going to Wal-Mart at peak hours or playing in the kids play area at the mall), but the first things on my mind are getting back into Tiny Tots with McMom's and signing up for Mother Goose at the library. I am very excited to be able to go out again, but my energy levels right now are pretty low, so it may take a little while to get there. As silly as it sounds, I have been waiting so long, and now that it is here, I hesitate to run right out the door. *shrugs* It will wear off I know.

I have trouble being on the computer these days while the boys are up, since they love the coputer and whine and cry to sit in my lap and pick the keys off of the keyboard. Collin is batting at the bench right now and moaning his zombie moans to get me to pick him up. I better post the pics and go. Just wanted everyone to know the good news- we are free!

Aunt Jen came over from Germany for a visit (and a job interview). The boys loved using her as their own personal playgym.

Collin had the plastic (and lit up) shotglass in his mouth and dropped it just as the picture was taken.

Poor kitty Raiju is hiding from Cyrus who is enjoying being able to pet the kitty. Glentle, gentle now Cyrus.

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