Friday, March 03, 2006

Sleeping Beauties

Oh dear friends, family, bloggers and friends of friends- the boys are sleeping through the night.

I feed them at midnight and they have not been getting up before 7:30 or 8:00... I feel like singing the Hallelujah Chorus! I am sleeping, really sleeping for the first time EVER in our house. When we moved in I was pumping every three hours, so it has been just the way things were, being at home meant no real sleep. Now I look forward to going to bed (not that I can actually fall asleep before 1 AM, but once I do...), just knowing that I am getting more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep. It could not have come at a better time.

It could be related to giving them breakfast, but I started doing that at the same time as I started really buckling down on letting them cry it out. Like my friend KEP says, it was horrible while it lasted, but well worth the tears. I am still not quite used to it, but the boys are doing so well these days. With the new Benecalorie stuff I can give them the foods they really like, peas, green beans, squash with out stressing out that they only have 45 calories in a jar. *POOF* 145 calories now, thank you very much. My philosophy as far as the calories goes is this, as long as the four ounce jars have at least 80-90 calories, I will not supplement anymore.

They are finishing the jars every time now, and I have started giving them table-ish foods with their meals. But they are chokers, I mean they choke on stuff a lot. I would say just about every day I get the fun of seeing one of my boys turn bright pink in the face with their mouths stretched out in that oval position that says something is stuck in their throat. Half the time all I have to do is hold their arms over their heads and pat them, the other half is me reaching into their mouths to pull out an entire wagon wheel (which is about the size of a silver dollar). I think they have actually regressed in this area. They are starting to choke on stars and cheerios these days too. If it aint pureed, they will choke on it. I have become so accustomed to it, seeing the choke doesn't even phase me anymore, like auto pilot I do the tricks that cause them to swallow, or hopefully just bring back up the piece they were choking on. Occasionally Cyrus has thrown up an entire meal, which makes me mad that all those calories we just battled to get down him are lost. Oh well, he eats again in four hours anyway.

I have one more exciting thing to tell everyone. The light switch turned on the other day in Collin's head concerning his glasses. He suddenly loves having them on! He has taken a bath with them on, and the other night he even started crying when Craig took them off to go to bed. It has dawned on him how much better life is when you can see! Cyrus still tries to pull them off, but not as much now that they are so mobile, he has much more interesting things to get his hands on. Like my plants (now on the kitchen table). Or my computer (also kitchen table). Or the kitchen table cloth (gone). Or the cat in his sleeping nook (poor kitty is trapped). All the shelves and coffee tables are clean and empty from about three feet now. It wont be long now before Cyrus is walking, and Collin is getting close to getting off his elbows and onto his hands while crawling.

Sorry no pics, my picture drive is still where my computer used to be. This time you get content. Lucky you!

UPDATE: Oh I just had to open my big mouth! Telling everyone that they were sleeping through the night, since they had done so four nights in a row. See all that I wrote four hours ago (time check: 4:57 AM)? Now I am wide awake because of them crying at their standard time, for almost a half hour now. I peeked in, saw no one was trapped in the crib bars or anything, and went back to the suffering of listening to my children cry and not going in there to comfort them. They are starting to fall back asleep now (dare I say it!)... too bad I wont for a while. Dammit.

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