Thursday, October 11, 2007

Speech Here We Come!

Collin has been approved by insurance for his ACC Speech-Generating Device (SGD) and for the the two Speech therapy sessions we will be working with reps from DynaVox and Vanguard to determine which device will best suit Collin's needs. This is so exciting!!!!! Collin has developed some of his own signing to talking, like putting one hand over his ear when he hears something and then pointing in the direction of the sound. But once he has his SGD I have a feeling he will become as chatty as Cyrus.

Just to give you an idea of what he will likely be getting, these are the top two on my list this far, having not had any professional input from the reps. The Springboard Plus is a Vanguard product that looks excellent for his needs, allowing for lots of growth. They also come with keyguards that have raised edges so Collin wont mistype the PCS (Picture Communication System) icon he is trying for. The other I am looking into is the MiniMo by DynaVox. It is simpler and may have fewer options, but so far it has been the only one I have found with a child-neutral voice on it. Still very cool though, allowing for lots of growth as well.
So wish us luck, in the next two weeks we may have Collin's SGD ordered!!!

The MightyMo/MiniMo by DynaVox

The Springboard Plus by Vanguard


Billie said...

This IS exciting news! I can't wait to see how he does with it. I bet he'll be a superstar.

Jennifer said...

Most preschools use the PECS system in their classrooms, so he'll be so far ahead in that aspect. He'll be familiar with the system and it won't be one more adjustment. That is IF they're going to preschool. Every state and every mom is different, so I don't want to assume. But, Gavin has really blossomed in preschool and benefitted from it in numerous ways. I just miss him so much. Congratulations on the Augmentative Devices and the "signs". It's so great to have some way to communicate.