Thursday, September 13, 2007

Moving Right Along

Keeping busy with all of the therapy appointments and such, but the most exciting thing going on right now has to do with Collin. With the diagnosis of Aphasia, we have turned to PECS cards to help Collin communicate his needs. We started off with using a poster board with cards that I made off the computer using the children's shows we watch at home. Collin has to pick a card, take it off the board, and hand it to me. And it was so amazing... I found out for the first time what Collin's favorite show was! (The Backyardigans) Just learning something as simple as that was thrilling it almost brought me to tears. He has picked up on how to use the cards really well, and I ordered the standard PECS cards to help us with some basics like food, toys, hygiene, colors, shapes, etc. He loves his board and is often pointing to it when he wants to tell us something. Amazing to finally find out what is going on in his head that takes more than just pointing and nodding. He has vocal sounds, and he has an "affirmative" sound, like "mmmmm" but still words are very few and far between, and only if you know what you are listening for. It took him no time at all to figure out how the cards work, and Cyrus calls them "Collin's Cards!" I look forward to seeing how fast he develops this skill so we can move on to using the cards all the time.

Homemade PECS board. The big cards are the ones I made
and the little ones are the one I bought from the PECS people.

The other exciting thing for Collin is that he is SO VERY CLOSE to walking! He is taking 12-13 steps on his own these days and if I hold his hand we can go for short walks, go into the grocery store, even into the doctor's office from the parking lot. He is not using his walker as much, but prefers to walk on his own, fall, and then get back up again. We are being for vigilant about making him walk around the house too, not letting him crawl everywhere since it is still faster. Not wanting to make predictions, but he could be walking (not completely steadily mind you) on his own by his birthday maybe? Now he still wears his ankle braces to help support him, and its possible that he may never be steady enough to run fast, but with this kid's determination I would not be surprised if he can run somewhat.

Collin playing in the rain, loving the big umbrella.

Cyrus is trying to push past Collin to get to the grass.
Wouldnt it be easier just to go around?

So many exciting things going on for Collin! Cyrus is currently obsessed with outer space, planets, rocket ships, anything having to do with space. I have glow in the dark stars on their ceiling in the shape of constellations with glowing paint to connect the stars as well as the planets (also glow in the dark) in order using the lamp as the "sun." He also is an escape artist, able now to climb back and forth between the cribs (which are no longer next to one another), up and over the cheap wooden babygates, and can maneuver into any nook and cranny that you never want your child going into. Talking constantly too! Last night he woke up around 4:00 AM and was calling me, whining, so I go in and he tells me, "Mommy I cant sleep anymore. Want down to play." Holy cow he is speaking in multiple full sentences! I love it!! Found out the other day that Cyrus loves to play in the rain and he also loves to go swimming (every freakin day telling me "Mommy want swim! Put suits on, Mommy. Come on, want swim!"). So much fun.

Oh I almost forgot, they went to Six Flags for the first time last week and rode their very first roller coaster (kinda roller coaster, a train ride, but still very cool!) and had the best time! When it was over Cyrus said, "More! Mommy ride more!" They will never remember it but I will never forget. :)

Waiting in line for their very first roller coaster at Six Flags.

Look at them up in the very front. Cyrus is even driving!

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

How exciting! I bet Collin is so relieved to have a better way to communicate with you now. He'll improve in leaps and bounds! :) Good for you to keep going until you find what works.

They did well at Six Flags! We haven't been yet. Were they tall enough to do much? I couldn't remember how many rides were in the kid area.