Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Chosen Device- The DynaVox V

So the past two weeks representatives from different companies have been coming to Collin's Speech Therapy. After learning about what each had to offer, seeing how he reacted to the different devices and speaking with the therapist, I have decided on the DynaVox V. It is really easy to use and has a ton of options that will grow with him. Both reps said that they think Collin has at least average to above average intelligence and needed a device that would accommodate his growth over the next five years, since that is about how long these types of devices are expected to last. My Collin is SO SMART! :) The Springboard Plus that I had mentioned before apparently is already too simple for him. The rep said that he would be starting on its most complex level and therefore would end up limiting him within a year. The DynaVox rep said the same with the MiniMo. How cool is that!? Collin is smart enough to use the bigger more complicated devices!! Anyway, I was just very excited and had to tell everyone!

Collin's will be blue like the one on the left, but the smaller size.

Collin and Cyrus love their new tiger pajamas.

Do a little dance... oh no wait, he is just about to fall over. LOL

My studious Collin is deep in his reading material.

Cyrus hated it at first, but then I let him
see what he looked like in it...
He is a caterpillar, by the way.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

How exciting for Collin!

You guys should come over next week in your costumes. We'll have big fun. I love the caterpillar. :)

Billie said...

Very Cool! I am so excited for Collin to find his voice, and to finally be able to tell us what's on his mind:) Hope you are doing well...

Jessica Bialowas said...

Happy Birthday Collin!

Loni said...

That is great news! I love the pictures. :)