Thursday, October 05, 2006

Food Study

After having the 6 month review with Collin, which was pretty pointless, we saw the nutritionist who recommended a a food study going on at TWU. So we did the insane amount of paperwork that required me going through the discharge papers from the NICU and drove the 45 minutes to the college for his evaluation. They were great and they have asked us to come up to three times a week! That is so great! (although we wont be able to for a while) He will finally get the therapy and attention that he needs to help him catch up. They think at this point he is developmentally delayed and that the delays are not pathological (which we have heard before) making it hopeful that he will catch up. They want to work on his hip movement and fine motor skills in addition to his eating issues. He is still not chewing his food and I know that it is causing me to hold Cyrus back out of convenience since Cyrus is requiring more time to help him learn to self feed with a spoon.

We have been going to the Peapods lapsit group with Grandma and the music group (now with Daddy) to keep us busy and we all love it. Very busy we are and I am starting to take ambien to help me sleep. Hopefully this will be good for everyone... Collin and Cyrus are sleeping better now that they are on Claritin-D everyday. They were sick for about three weeks there, and it turned out to be allergy related.

I have been a little down lately since two people I have been close to have moved away now. One went to San Antonio and the other to Denver. I tend to go into my hole when I get down and with the boys being as mobile and into things as ever I have not spent a decent amount of time at the computer in a week now. But the boys 2nd birthdays are just around the corner, Halloween is coming (one of my favorite holidays! Not to mention the fact that I am a candy junkie), and then the holidays will be here soon. Things to look forward to for sure! :)

We got new chairs for the boys, and Collin likes his Thomas the Tank Engine chair.

Good luck in Colorado Aunt Jen! We will miss you!

Who would have thought he would love wearing the patch so much!
Just goes to show what some kids will do to do what their siblings do.

Collin and Cyrus enjoy playing with their big sister.
Collin your glasses are on crooked!

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Billie said...

Hey, my favorite holiday is Halloween, and I'm a total candy junkie too! Even more that we have in common:)

The boys look great. Super cute and adorable as always. I'll be curious to hear how the study goes.