Monday, September 18, 2006

Collin's Hearing Test

We went up to the hospital today to have Collin's hearing test- and the results are good! He can hear just fine, only mild loss for very high frequencies. That could be related to his age anyway, so says the Dr., and if retested at a later age could turn out that he can hear that as well. So good news, Collin hears and that is not the reason for his speech delay. Bad news, now we need to find out what his speech delay is and hope that it isn't neurological. We were referred to a developmental pediatrician that we will go see and go from there.

We were in a small room with two boxes in each corner (to gauge each ear) with a stuffed animal that played the drums. Every time he recognized the sound and turned it would go off as a reward. It was quite clever and worked really well, he turned to look at the animal when he heard a sound.

Tomorrow is Collin's ECI review so I will have more to say then. What a week for Collin!

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