Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Staying Busy

We have been doing all sorts of things lately. We started the "Peapods" program at the library where I used to work (once called the Mother Goose program) for babies up to two years. We do nursery rhymes, finger plays, read a board book, do sign language- it is wonderful! I have wanted to get the boys in there for so long and love it! I have missed working at the library and I miss the people there. We have also been doing Musikgarten where we song songs and play with simple musical instruments like bells and percussion sticks. The boys are a little too young for the program right now, but it runs through December so by then they will be answering the questions and doing all the motions and dances.

They both are so much fun and they need the social interaction and exposure to regulated progam environments (they wont be with mommy all day forever...). I have also noticed they are the most rambunctious kids, which makes me worry that I have given them too much freedom at home. They can go from one end of the house to the other and I leave their door open so they can play in their room. Is this perhaps too much? Should I keep them in one room at a time? What are other parent's thoughts?

Collin had been teething and was feeling pretty bad over the weekend. Poor little guy had fever and low appetite and was very cuddly, needing his mommy. I love that Collin was feeling cuddly since he usually does not sit still long enough to be cuddling with anyone unless Jack's is on TiVo (yes, we watch TiVo, not TV). He is feeling better now and they are into everything together. Cyrus leads the disaster but Collin can climb on anything Cyrus can now, so there is no safe places.

My memory is getting worse and worse and my friend tells me its sleep deprivation. The other day I actually forgot to pick Craig up from he autoshop on my way to my sister in law's. I talked to him on the phone right before I left the house!! This is just madness, and I find myself occasionally forgetting things between the time it takes to get out my notepad in my purse to write it freakin' down! What the @#$%^ people?!? *deep breath* Well, here are some pics while life has been going on (before I forget!!). I love being the Baby Paparazzi...

I am trying to find the picture of Cyrus like this from last year...a comparison.

Cyrus enjoys his homemade ice cream at Grandma & Grandpa's house.
"Cold!" he kept saying, and loved every minute if it!

Mommy and Collin having fun together.
Collin wears his patch without a fight, most of the time.

While Collin was sick I put him in the "backpack" so I
could still get things done around the house.
Doesnt he look pitiful?

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