Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Catching Up

Uncle D is playing his new Bass Guitar
for the boys and they loved it.
Feel the vibrations!

There is a better pic of Gaia and Cyrus reading in the
chair together, but when Collin joined in on the floor
I had to post this one instead.
How adorable is that!?

Cyrus thinks his chair is a lazy boy recliner.
Here he is waking up with a little TiVo watchin...

Say Ahhh Collin! Stick out your tongue for all to see! :)

I wanted everyone to see just
how much Cyrus loves pumpkin!
That is ink by the way, put there after he ate at it,
not some moldy pumpkin bit. :P

Here we are at the Fort Worth Zoo with our twins group.
Look how sweet Cyrus is, helping Collin stand up.

Weight/Height update:
Collin: 24 lbs. 13 oz., 32 1/2 inches
Cyrus: 28 lbs. 11 oz., 32 1/2 inches
Yes, you read that correctly, they are both the same height! I think it is wrong b/c Collin is swimming in the same footy pajamas that Cyrus runs around in, but I like to think they are...

Anyways- Collin's new therapy up at the college in Denton is AWESOME! He is already swallowing better and chewing. I can even get him to emulate me and stick out his tongue (not a big deal you might say, but we have not been able to get him to do this before). He really likes it there and plays in the ball pit, rides the rocking horse, "jumps" on the trampoline, and rides a horse swing with a therapist sitting with him. Cyrus likes it too and plays the whole time. Soon I will have to get some pics to post. The most horrible thing about it is that the ladies who run the program are leaving and so it is folding; it ends after Thanksgiving. So we will have to get as much in as we can before then.

We carved pumpkins the other day and Collin & Cyrus "helped" hammer in one of the pegs of their light-bright pumpkin while Daddy and big sister carved their own. Hers really turned out great too. We had some friends over carving with us who had not carved pumpkins in a while and so they got the joy of fighting off Cyrus at every turn. :P It was a lot of fun.

Our playgroup at the library is going great too and both of them love to go, but Collin's therapy is cutting into the program so only Cyrus will be going to the next few. All the kids are around their age and I feel so proud to see Cyrus interacting and responding so well. I also enjoy going back to my old workplace and seeing my friends and coworkers. I love any adult interaction.

With all our new appointments and therapies we are doing something pretty much every weekday. Keeps us busy and forces me to get up early, which I need. Collin is having a Barium Swallow Study at the beginning of November to find out if his choking and lack of desire to swallow is because of his swallowing reflex or if he is refluxing into his esophagus- that sort of thing.

Cyrus is almost exclusively on table food now and it is great to let him do his thing while I focus on feeding Collin. He still needs some encouragement and feeding at the end to get a decent meal down, but at least he is doing it himself. :) Cyrus is all over the place and has started cleaning up when I ask him to and talks to Collin (calling him Col) all the time. He loves to go for wagon rides and will get in the wagon and yell out to me "Mama rye (ride) waah (wagon)!" He knows what he wants and he goes for it. He has also taken to yelling this high pitched squeal and it gives me a headache; we are working on the concept of "quiet" but it is a work in progress. I am so proud of him.

I have so many pictures to choose from... I will have to make another picture post soon to show everyone all the fun we have been having!

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