Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday Collin!

Happy Birthday Collin! You are two years old today, and I am amazed by what you have accomplished, how far you have come. Your smiles and laughter, love and attachment, are reminders of what makes your struggles so very worth it. Even though you cannot yet say so, I can see that you are a happy child who feels safe to grow. You have so much potential and I can see that you are eager to put it to use once you have the tools. The miracle of your survival alone is enough for me to be thankful to have you everyday, but to see how well you have done with what you started with makes it a joy. You may not be doing what a typical two year old may be doing, but it doesn't matter because you are going at your own pace... and you are increasing your speed. I love you my little Collin, thank you for choosing me as your mother so I can celebrate all your achievements with you. Happy Birthday.

So happy to be two!

So ticklish!

I'm gonna get my blankie and you can't catch me!

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Malinda said...

Happy Birthday Collin