Friday, May 03, 2013

Sad Baseball Perspective

So yesterday Mother Nature decided that Texas was not yet ready for its normal hot and icky May days, and brought in record lows to keep us all on our toes. As a result, Cyrus' baseball game was cancelled due to... extreme cold? I can hear all the out of state people laughing over this... yeah I kinda did too, but I wasn't interested in coaching in the cold windy weather so... The part that saddens me is how excited Cyrus was that baseball was cancelled. :( He has had a hard time enjoying baseball due to his ADHD. He gets frustrated after about 30 minutes of practice and asks to go home repeatedly during the games, throws tantrums in the dugout and sometimes on the field. We even got a special prescription of his meds to help him during practices and games (which regularly cut into our strict dinner and bedtime routine). So its likely that he wont be playing next season, but this has gone over so much  more than the karate classes we tried last year. The season ends in a month so we will stick it out and then I will talk to him about what he wants to do about next season. On a side note, I have LOVED being one of the coaches on the team, and I will be sad when/if that ends.

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