Monday, April 29, 2013

Look What I found...

  • It's my old blog from forever ago!! Its been literally years since I posted last, and things are very different these days, but I am happy to say things have never been better! We are all happy and doing well. The boys and I live a mile down the road from where I grew up near Dallas and so we get to spend time with Nana and Grandpa often. Their dad lives about 20 min away and sees them every other weekend and attends their school events and such. It was a hard road those first years following the divorce but like I said, things have never been better. :) So I thought I would start my blogging up again and since this old thing is still here, might as well use it! Collin and Cyrus are doing great! They are 8 years old (wow!), in the 2nd grade and just have the most amazing personalities. They are so different! They even attend different schools to accommodate for each of their needs (many cheers for the buses that pick them up and bring them home).
    At Cyrus' baseball team pictures while Collin is dressed up in his Doctor Who suit.


    The Doctor is showing off his Sonic Screwdriver.

    Two Silver Medals in The Special Olympics for the 50 Meter Dash and
      The Standing Long Jump.
    Collin is doing really well with his CP; his most difficult task involves speech, but he is averaging 3 word sentences these days and even got discharged from PT last summer!! He still gets OT after school and vision services during school, but otherwise is a typical little geeky boy. He loves to play dress up- popular costumes include Police Officer, Grandpa, Hunter and lately his character is The Doctor from Doctor Who (I am completely to blame for this, as my love for the show borders on obsession). He is very clever and has a great sense of humor. :) This past month he participated in the Special Olympics (see pic above) and won two Silver Medals for the 50 meter dash and the standing long jump!! Who would have thought that this little boy would be walking much less running, but let me tell you he earned that silver against four other boys who were much bigger than him. Right now he wants to learn how to play golf.


    There's that charming smile...
    Practicing his moves for baseball.

    Cyrus is just a big bundle of energy and emotion.  He loves the ladies, and has a crush on Miley Cyrus right now (upon hearing of her break up with a boyfriend over the radio recently, he screamed from the back seat "Now's my chance!!"). He is in a special program for children with behavioral and sensory issues, which he has been excelling in this year. Its a small class of about eight students with three teachers, and over the course of his elementary school "career" he will slowly start to integrated back into the regular classroom. He has serious ADHD,  Sensory Integration Disorder, and is blind in his left eye but it hasn't slowed him down one bit! :) His VP shunt has been doing great *knock on wood* and he wears a helmet at all times when playing baseball. He loves creating things with legos and hunts down aliens and mine craft creatures called Creepers and Endermen. 

    Happy St. Patrick's Day 2013

    As far as myself, well, I went back to school at Toni & Guy Academy and got my cosmetology license. I am now self employed doing hair. :) It allows me the freedom to be home with my boys and I love it! I am very happy with how my career is going and my schedule with my family. So there is my little catch up spiel. LOL I have high hopes for 2013...

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Marty said...

That's my daughter. Those boys wouldn't be where they are today without her perservance and love. She is definitely the Warrior Mother.