Monday, October 27, 2008

This Day Four Years Ago

Right about now I was just taken from one hospital in an ambulance to another where they were more equipped to handle "a woman in my condition." In labor 3 1/2 months early, only 25 weeks along, I was freaking out about what was going to happen to my babies. I had only discovered a few weeks earlier that I was even having twins. Now the doctors were doing whatever they could to keep my boys from being born. The contractions were already starting to race one another and I felt terrified and out of control. Little did I know that Collin was determined to arrive in only a few short hours.

It was hazy, as they were pumping my veins with steroids and this magnesium crap that made me feel horrible, but I was only partially aware that the pain I was going through was labor... I was having a baby. The nurse had been checking me regularly to see how far along I had dilated, the last time she had checked I was about a 5. I had been in so much pain that I was doing anything I could to try to minimize it... I didnt realize I was pushing (remember no birthing or lamaze classes yet, they were scheduled for next month). The nurse came by again, mumbled something in a terrifying voice and took off. Not two minutes later I was in the OR being prepped for emergency cesarean. What did she see that freaked her out? Collin's feet.

Well, the doctor realized that it was safer to just birth the child than to try to go the c-section route and told me to push.. and after two pushes Collin was born! My husband did not even get into the OR in time it happened so fast. So I got a blurry look at my son from about ten feet away (I didnt have my glasses on) and then he was rushed off to the NICU and I back to my room. Collin didnt have a name yet, and wouldnt for another 36 hours or so, but he was out in the world, and Cyrus was taking the opportunity to stretch out in my belly for as long as possible. My doctor told me the longest separation between twins he had ever seen was five weeks, not knowing then that Cyrus only had three more days before it was his turn to make a grand entrance, we were hoping for as long as possible...

Collin was born at 3:51 PM a mere 1 lb. 12 oz. and 13 1/4 inches long. So here I was, having just had a baby, and I was still pregnant. Yeah, tell me about it. Tune in again on Thursday for the exciting colclusion to this story... lol


kelli said...

I am amazed all over again every time I read this story. Your boys are so awesome.

And five weeks apart for twins?! Good grief!

Anonymous said...

I remember that day. I'm so glad both of your boys are doing so well. :) -Jessica

Billie said...

Happy Birthday Collin!