Friday, March 02, 2007

End of Winter, Hurray!

This has been the coldest winter in Texas that I can remember, and considering I have lived here my entire life, that is pretty cold. The weather has risen back into standard pre-Spring temperatures of 60s-80s, and even the trees are starting to bud leaves. We have been taking advantage of this beautiful weather to go for walks and play in the backyard. They love being outside but I have to make sure that Collin wears shoes or he will scrape his feet up and not even notice. Yesterday we were playing outside and when I noticed that Collin had four bites (looked like ant bites or mosquito bites) on his hand that he had not even made the smallest mention of, I decided it was time to go back in.

I have a question for all you moms of toddlers out there... What are your thoughts and ideas about disciplining toddlers? I am starting to try Time Out with the boys to help discipline them, using a small pack-n-play as the Time Out spot (because there is NO way I can get them to stay in one spot voluntarily). One of the ECI therapists said they should be in Time Out for one minute for each year old, so two minutes at a time. Now Cyrus has really taken to this concept and the mere threatening of Time Out has caused him to stop doing whatever his isn't supposed to be doing, but on the days that they go in Time Out they wail and cry at bedtime. Is it because I am using a crib-like environment for the Time Out spot? Cyrus will repeat over and over "time out" when I bring it up and then go over to the pack-n-play and point to it. He certainly gets it. I am not sure if Collin does yet. Last night Collin cried every time I left him in his crib for hours, wailing whenever I would put him down until 11:00 PM! I would go in and hold him until I thought he was asleep, but he would start up again moments after I left the room. Maybe it is just because it is a new thing and they will stop this, but it certainly concerns me.

Monday Cyrus is going in for his semi-annual CT scan to make sure his VP shunt is in place. They will have to sedate him to do it because of his age, so he will spend the afternoon groggy and sleepy. We will go see the neurologist on Wednesday to hear the Dr. tell us that the results of the scan are fine.

I got a call from the hospital about Collin's pH probe and they said, yep, he has reflux. Uh, thanks. Tell me something I do not know! We will see the Gastro Dr at the end of the month and hopefully she can give us some more comprehensive information about his test. Collin has finally begun his Speech therapy at the rehab center through the hospital, which is good, but now he wont be getting Speech therapy through ECI at home. He had his physical therapy evaluation this past week and they are having him fitted for orthotics, which are basically foot braces to keep his ankles in alignment. They are also reintroducing the idea of the pediatric walker, saying that they do not anticipate him being able to walk on his own for up to a year from now, so the walker could be a great way to encourage him to be upright (in a lesser way like the Ponywalker, perhaps?) We shall see, since we have to wait the 6-8 weeks for the insurance to approve of the therapy.

Big Cyrus smiles!

Sweet Collin smiles.

I am so cool!

Coloring with chalk in the backyard.

Collin getting a closer look at the shapes Mommy drew for them.

My friend Tara came up from San Antonio to visit for a weekend.
Cyrus & Collin loved playing with her! We love you!


Maggie (Sarah's mom) said...

Our EI person gave us the 1 minute in time out per year rule too. It's been rough. Sarah is very opinionated and believes she should be in control of every situation. Our EI person did caution me on using Sarah's crib since she'd view going to bed or nap time as punishment, though we didn't talk about a pack and play. I have a chair I put Sarah in and then I stand in front of it with my back to her until her time is up. It makes her so angry that she can't see my face.

Good luck!

Miracles said...

Hello I just came across your blog.
I also have toddler twins and I am trying to figure out the whole time out thing as well.
Maybe it's just my kids but for some reason they seem to think it's a joke. I put them on the bottom stair and they sit there and smile at me.
I'm finding this stage the most difficult because I am constantly questioning whether I am doing the right thing or not.
Humm...if they only came with instructions!
If you find something that works for you please pass it on.

Anonymous said...

At the homedaycare i work at when one of the kids does somthing bad we either put them on the step and walk away for 5 minutes or so or we use sitting on the step as a warning if they continue. I use the step idea when i babysit for all kids and ages it works better than anything i have ever seen, just use it consistentley. As a person who was sent to their room for punishment i completley understand how the crib thing would be bad. I use to freak out about going to bed because i thouh i was in trouble. I never went in there to play either, it was a place i got sent for being bad and didnt want anything to do with it.

Hope you find somthing that works!

Lisa - Mum to Mitch & Harry said...

I have twin boys born a few months before your boys and at 24.6 weeks. We have used time out for just under a year now and the boys really understand it. We use a mat - any mat or a corner - because the boys sometimes need time out when we are out and about.

I just started by telling them what they had done wrong - ie "Don't hit Mitchell it makes him sad" and then putting them on the mat. No matter how many times they got off the mat initially they were put back on. Eventually they got the idea and now seem to understand that they can't get off the mat until invited to by mummy or daddy. Then we ask them if they are sorry and they then are taken to their brother (that is the main naughty issue) and have to say sorry and give a little hug. If they say "no" they go back on the naughty mat again.

I finally realised that it had sunk in when Mitch pushed over a little girl and after time out when straight over to her said "sodry" (sorry) and gave her a hug!

Its exhausting!!!

mum to Mitch & Harry
ex 24.6 weekers
now 2 3/4 years old