Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Collin's EGD & pH Probe

Early Monday morning we went over to the hospital and Collin had his EGD (Upper GI using a camera probe) and had a pH probe put in his nose to monitor his reflux. With his heavily scarred veins they did have to stick him twice to get a vein, but he was out at the time so didn't feel it. We were in and out in about four hours, and although it was fairly fast, Collin did not do well in Recovery. He never seemed to get comfortable and refused to drink anything. Luckily the nurse got permission from the anesthesiologist to let us leave even though he had nothing to drink. Once we got him in the car he was fine, and I sat in the backseat while my mother drove my car home. BTW, there was NO space for me in the backseat between those two carseats and had to sit at an angle just to get my butt on the seat! Gives me a new appreciation for my daughter having to sit there when we travel.

Once we were home I had to document his coughing, gaging, spitting up, sneezing, irritability, sleep, and feeding schedule until 6:30 AM Tuesday morning. Then I got to take out the tube and rush back to the hospital to return the data device by 7:30 AM. Woo Hoo, getting up at the crack of dawn two days in a row after no sleep. I was paranoid that Collin was going to wrap the tube around his neck in his sleep, so I checked in on him every two hours. It didn't, and I used some footy pajamas that have the snap at the neck to keep the tube out of the way (a little trick I learned in the NICU). He did great with the tube and Cyrus spent the night with my parents so I could focus all my attention on keeping only one set of hands away from the tube.

I was really impressed by how well Collin did once we got home, and whenever he tried to scratch or pull at the tube I scratched his nose for him, which he thought was a fun game. Whew! He ate well, slept well, and over all was less stressful than a typical day with twins. Funny, even when he has a tube down his esophagus taped to his face, carrying a data pack that he was not supposed to play with (uh-huh, yeah right!) it was easier than taking care of two kids at once! We will get the results of the test in two weeks and will see the Gastro Dr in six weeks for a follow-up.

Collin had a blast playing with all the toys in
the pre-op area, especially this piano tiger.

Not happy in Recovery. :(

Wagon ride to the car! Yea! It was the first time
he had really calmed down since the surgery.

Playing in the sink before brushing his teeth at bedtime.
Look at that CD player sized device he had to carry around!
And yes, we took the hospital gown home, b/c Mommy wasn't thinking
when she dressed him in a sweatshirt to take him to the hospital.


Billie said...

Whew Kelly. That looks tough. Hurray for Collin for keeping it in his nose and carrying that pack around. I don't know how you managed it.

Can't wait to hear how the results turn out.

I know what you mean about one being so easy. Any time I've taken just one for an appt it's been so easy!

When I hear parents with full term healthy singletons complain I have to bite my tongue!

Maggie said...

What a trooper Collin is! I'm hope he's recovering from the experience. I'm hoping he gets good news when the results come back.