Friday, April 07, 2006

Vacation Time

Well, tomorrow I will be staying two nights with my mother so she can get into the groove before I leave for Germany Monday morning. I am so excited, but as I was getting the boys ready for their evening routine it sort of hit me that this will be the longest I have ever been without them since they were born. I was all sad and ended up letting them stay up an hour past their bedtime (which by then Cyrus was super cranky and insisted that they go to bed!). But Craig and Gaia (who is here for her Spring Break) left out this morning for a camping trip with one of her friends from school for the weekend so it has just been me and the boys all day. Seems like forever since I was home by myself (myself being with the boys), but I liked it.

The boys have had a cold all week from getting back out into the world after being in hiding all winter. They have horribly runny noses and a cough and they do not want to eat (the bane of my existence!). But since they are sick I have let them live off of yogurt, crackers, wagon wheels, stars, and baby food fruit puree both to make them feel better and to keep my stress levels down. Of course they are still getting bottles three to four times a day, but I don't have to mess with that anymore since they hold their own bottles so I don't count it. :P Poor Grandma will be taking on sick little boys while I am away, but they are still very happy babies so that makes up for it too.

Oh yeah, and lately Collin's glasses have had one lens keep popping out because the screw was loose, and on Sunday we finally lost the lens completely while on an outing to Home Depot. Good news is we had an eye Dr. appointment on Wednesday and have new glasses on order (the old ones were too small anyways). Poor Collin's SUPER nearsighted eyes are now -12.00 and -8.00 (legally blind without his glasses). No wonder Collin loves books so much! And I thought I was blind with only a -6.50 and -6.75 (FYI: my prescription is too strong for those groovy no rimmed glasses because they break from their own weight or something, grrr)!! The Dr. has told us to put off on the eye patch for now, which is good that I do not have to mess with it, but probably means we will be planning a surgery if his new prescription does not correct his lazy eye before the year is out. Which reminds me, Hey Bobbie, what is Hallie's prescription? You probably said it before in your blog, but I cannot remember...

Oh oh, I cannot believe I almost forgot to mention it...Collin is getting his first molar! Finally Collin is doing something before Cyrus (aside from being born that is, LOL) Grandma noticed it after the eye Dr. Appointment the other day while he was laughing upside down. Yeah, they love to hang upside down...

So, since I am leaving and wont be posting until I get back into the states, here are a few pics to help pass the time. I will likely be looking at them myself from my friend's computer in Germany. Hey Grandparents- you better email me pictures of the boys everyday!

Cyrus loves to eat the soap, and so I gave him a handful of bubbles to enjoy. And he made an old Man Cyrus Goatee out of it!

Collin got his own soap bubbles too. So easily amused, my babies, just like their mother!

The boys are still small enough to fit in to the baby swings together so the Baby Paparazzi had to shoot it. We were on our very first park outing since coming out of hiding with Aunt Jillaine and the boys' three cousins.

And here is the other view of them enjoying their swing ride.

Collin was having a wonderful time swinging in the big kids swing with Aunt Jillaine's best friend Stacy.

And the Baby Paparazzi was feeling left out of all these pictures so snuck into one with Cyrus.

Here is cousin Jace, about a year younger than the boys. Woo Hoo, a perfect playmate for all family functions. Isn't he a cutie!?

Sometimes all you need to do is sing funny songs, make funny faces and sounds and wave objects in front of their faces and you get adorable results (and worn out Baby Paparazzi's!).

This little specimen is much easier to please...

Here Collin was wreaking all sorts of havoc on Daddy's work because he was just long enough to reach the mousepad on the lap top. But it was so cute to see him imitate his Daddy...

Wow, I am really going to miss my family...

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HHH said...

Hey... Hallie's prescription is a bad is it that i dont know if its a + or -... I dont even know if my baby is near or far sighted. (lets just not tell anyone that I dont know that!)Have fun on your vacation! Its so nice to get away but even better to get home after a few days!!! The boys look HUGE!